P/T Chef Wanted from 3pm to 8pm

Location: West Boca ,
Pay: $25 an hour from 3pm to 8pm $125 per shift $625 a.

Description: $125 a day Monday to Friday 3pm tô 8pm $625 a week plus cost of food. Marnie needs a Chef / Cook or just Someone experienced in cooking that loves to cook and finds it easy and with experience in a domestic house or as a chef at a restaurant cooking delicious healthy organic options to enjoy! Family usually eats hummus and carrots, avocado toast, Açaí bowls, granola, lots of different salads, salmon, white fish, steamed veggie, soups, grilled chicken, steak on the grill, easy stuff but fresh, italian pasta dishes, always a simple salad at dinner too. No dessert. Busy family needs help on this end! Menu plan shop and cook. Organize panty organize food stuffs, throw out unhealthy items, organize spices, organize fridge and freezer so no freezer burn. Stock with healthy things. Serve dinner at 5:30-6:00. But have it finished by 5:30 so their daughter can take some to dance. 6pm we eat. Clean up after we eat kitchen, mop floor, run dishwasher, wipe down. Turn lights off. Any rags throw in washer. Prepare breakfast for next morning for kids. Take trash cans to corner Monday and Thursdays Shopping for example would be getting fish at old Dixie seafood before arrival. Menu plan would be plan for the week, and can be submitted over the weekend to us. Can go to a farm for vegetables or wherever he or she can get organic. Also, my son wants to plant a garden. If someone knows how to do that we could do additional weekend hours. If you are interested and have those qualifications and you are already registered please take a screen shot and reply trough WhatsApp only to 561-531-7203 so we can send your data. If you need to register Or Reregister or update your profile please send message through WhatsApp only to 954-531-6760 to speak with secretaries. Thank you and good luck.