Mrs . Sarah needs P/T Cooking Assistant 4 Days a month -$30.00 AN HOUR west Boca 33496

hours a month $30 an hour $$$$$

Sarah needs a person that cooks good and likes to cook, to prepare a formal dinner or formal lunch for the family ‘s Shabbat. Every Friday ( 4x a month ) help prepare serve and clean up either Friday or Sat , you will work

You will work either Friday at night from 3-4 pm until 9 or 10 pm or Saturday at lunch.

If you are interested and have those qualifications and you are already registered please take a screen shot and reply trough WhatsApp only to 561-531-7203 so we can send your data. If you need to register Or Reregister or update your profile please send message through WhatsApp only to 954-531-6760 to speak with secretaries. Thank you and good luck.