Mr. Tyler P. Needs P/T child care, housekeeping and cooking – Monday to Friday from 1pm to 6pm- $25 an hour- Westlake

Family has 8 and 5 year old children, they needs help Monday to Friday from 1pm to 6pm. You must speak English and have a valid US license, to drive they car as needed. They need housekeeping and cooking. They would like someone to pick up the kids from school and the bus stop, do housekeeping, laundry and get the dinner started. The Lady can’t drive. You must drive her and kids wherever they need to go with a family car.

If you are interested and have those qualifications and you are already registered please take a screen shot / or copy paste the link and send trough WhatsApp only to 561-531-7203 so we can send your data. If you need to register Or Reregister or update your profile please send message through WhatsApp only to 954-531-6760 to speak with secretaries. Thank you and good luck.