Location: Miami Beach Mrs. Kara needs a F/T live in housekeeper/ nanny assistant to assist her live out nanny and live out Housekeeper. 5-6 days a week prefer 6 days. Family has 11 months old twins. $150-$180 per day.



Mrs. Kara needs a F/T in housekeeper/ nanny 60% housekeeper -40% nanny to assist her live out nanny and Housekeeper. Family has 11 months old twins boys.

$150-$180 per day. Weekends are a must. You will have Mondays/ Tues off. You can choose work 5 days or 6 days, you should have a schedule and breaks while during the day. You would have to be open to be a backup Nanny / Housekeeper would have to care for the children 50% of the time especially when live out nanny or live out housekeeper are not there. You would have a schedule. Children sleeps through the night. You must be willing to clean, assist the Housekeeper and be open to some ironing/ laundry/ cleaning, cooking is a big part of the job , you muse know how to cook and be open to cook. On the days off either Housekeeper is not there you clean and on the days off nanny is not there you take care of the children. You should never do both at the same time childcare and cleaning, either the Housekeeper should be there or the nanny, if you do clean then parents would help watching the children if other staff is not in the house. You don’t have to speak good English but you must be speak some English, husband doesn’t speak any spanish and you must be able to communicate back and forth with him. You need to be energetic and have experience as a nanny and Housekeeper. This is a long term position. No traveling required and if family travels would be for short period of times inside United States, they would only take you along if their live out nanny can’t travel. If you don’t travel with them you stay at the house and do cleaning and care for the dogs while no one is there .

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