Our Fee Schedule


Our agency charges a flat service/placement fee for finding you any type of domestic. We offer two types of services: Superior Services, which now come with a 12-month replacement warranty, and Elite Services, which provide 24 months of continual services and up to six limited replacements.


The fee for our Superior Warranty Service is a one-time flat fee of $5,500.00, which includes up to four limited replacements. The fee for the Elite Warranty Service is a one-time agency fee of 15% of the domestic’s annual salary which includes up to eight limited replacements.


Domestic full-time fees range from $5,500.00 or higher depending on the type of warranty service you choose. Placement fees for couples or two domestics at a time are based on the type of service you choose

You can choose from our Superior Warranty Services or Elite Warranty  Services.

Part-time domestics have a flat fee of $3,700.00 and include any domestics working two days live-in or under or 20 hours plus live out per week. This service comes with a total of 12 months of consecutive replacement warranty with a max 4x replacement limited warranty.


Temporary staffing starts at $3,000.00, including three months replacement warranty. If you decide to keep your domestic, you will be required to pay the difference for a full-time domestic, which costs $5,500.00. After you pay the difference, we will add an additional nine-month replacement warranty, bringing the total replacement warranty to 12 months, which is included in our Superior Service this is a total of 4x limited replacement warranty.


Please be aware that Elite Servicers Warranty is not offered for placement services for part-time or temporary domestics.


We understand that prompt and fair payment is essential to maintain a professional relationship. We recommend settling payment for domestic workers during trial hours or a working interview before they leave your premises to ensure transparency and show appreciation for their time and efforts. After you have tried out your new domestic for the first day after hire, prompt payment would keep our agency working smoothly, effectively, and our staff happy to better assist you.


At this time, we kindly request you to pay a one-time registration fee of $500.00 and complete a New Family Application to initiate the search and start working on your file. The registration fee covers the initial administrative and processing costs, allowing us to dedicate our full attention to your unique needs once the search is underway.

Lastly, please note that any and all agency fees, including new family registration fees and agency placement fees for Superior/Elite Warranty Services, are non-refundable. We accept payment through Zelle Code 954-531-6760.


Thank you for considering our services to staff your home. We guarantee 100% satisfaction and look forward to working with you.