Coral Gables – Mrs. Michelle T. Needs a Housekeeper- 80% and 20% nanny for her 8 and 10 year old. 6 days a week Monday to Sat. Live in.

Mrs Michelle needs a live in Housekeper / Nanny to work 6 days a week Monday to Sat. Person will have lunch time and small breaks during the day. Children stays in school until 5:40pm-6pm. You would need to wake up in the morning and help mother prepared children for school, get their lunch box ready , make sure they brushed their teeth and get ready for school. Driving is required but if you can drive and you are waiting on an appt to get your license she can wait as well . Travel Us this year and next year Internationally family likes to go to Italy, Bahamas, etc… you need to drive to take children to school and sometimes pick them up. $750-$900 a week.

You can work 6 days- and if you don’t have a place to stay stay there the 7th day they have a room for you at all times, everything included. Paid vacations after one year , they are flexible and you will have your paid holidays as well. Light ironing is required, cooking dinner and cleaning, childcare minimum most on weekends, evenings or when children don’t have school. English is not a must but Spanish yes. Family would love you to speak Spanish to their children, so they can learn it. Pay negotiable- $750 -$900 a week cash.

If you are interested and have those qualifications and you are already registered please take a screen shot / or copy paste the link and send trough WhatsApp only to 561-531-7203 so we can send your data. If you need to register Or Reregister or update your profile please send message through WhatsApp only to 954-531-6760 to speak with secretaries. Thank you and good luck.