Cooking P/T late afternoons dinner

Location: West Delray,
Pay: $25 hourly $625 a week.

Description: Marnie Needs cooking help 3pm-8pm $125 a day $625 a weekly. She needs someone that just loves to cook. You re responsible for all grocery shopping and she will tell you what stores to buy what, everything and they also have their own gardens and you will be asked to use the veggies tables from the garden as well..Limited use of salt, and fresh herbs are necessary. Family likes salads, various meats grilled or baked no frying. Steamed veggies, rice, makes smoothies. Dinner must be cooked by 5:30pm ,then clean up. Family has a cook book to help you prepare meals. After cooking clean and put away left overs. Discuss next day menu with wife. If you want this job. You must do your homework, and read a healthy life style cook book. Organize food pantry, family will give you a credit card to purchase everything you will need. You re responsible to keep all food fresh products, must through out everything old and expired in the entire kitchen. Set table, and serve dinner at 5:30pm and clean up afterwards. Pre prep breakfast for next morning. Take trash out , and recycle on garbage day.