We come to you with a friendly staff of quality Helper's




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About Us

We come to you with a friendly staff of quality Helper's
We come to you with a friendly staff of quality Helper's
We come to you with a friendly staff of quality Helper's


Please read the list of Professionals in the South Florida community that currently have or had a Heidi's Helpers working in their home. 

Dr. Miller, Palm Beach Gardens

Dr. Lipman, Boca Raton, Dermotologist 

Akabes Family, Boca Raton, Attorney

Dr. Reich, Boca Raton

Logan Family, Delray Beach, Boutique Owner in Palm Beach

Don King, Boxing Promotor

Keene Family, WPB, attorney at law at Lytal, Reiter

Dr. Brown, Miami Beach, radiologist

Dr. Lee,  Pembroke Pines, ER 

Dr. Morrel, Boca Raton, Oncologist, Director of Lynn Cancer Institute, 1999

Dr. Silberstein, Boca Raton, Dentist, 1999

Dr. Herschthal, Ft. Lauderdale, Dermotology

Dr. Sheinker, Delary Beach, pediatrician, 2002

Dr. Golden, Palm Beach Gardens, psychologist,2006

Dr. Mc Cauley, Delray Beach, dentist, 2001

Feldan Family, Delray Beach, attorney, 2019

Dr. Knottingham, Lighthouse Point, Radiologist, 2010

Morgenstein Family, Boca Raton-Beverly Hills, movie producer, 2013

Johnson Family, Delray Beach, retired Professional Football Player, 2005

Roselli Family, LLC Developers, 2014

Lipman Family, Boca Raton, Attorney

Kohn Family, Boca Raton, attorney,2019

Grabois Family, Boca Raton, psychologist, 2018

Wooley Family, Delray Beach, Tiffany Wooley Interior Decor, 2007

Rondell White Family, Davie, Professional Baseball Player, 2017

Domimnguez-Fagunda Family, Plantation, attorney, 20014

Dr. Schwartzberg, Palm Beach Gardens, Oncology, 2014

Danzig Family, Ft. Lauderdale, attorney, 2003

Diemar Family, Coconut Grove, Attorney, 2019

Bernstein Family, attorney, Golden Beach, former Mayor of Golden Beach, 2009

Reiter Family, attorney, Palm Beach, past president of the Florida Bar, 2004

Dr. Schecter, dermotology, Wellington, 2007

Nisim Family, attorney, Plantation, 2009

Dr. Sanchez, Lake Worth, psychologist, 2019

Alexander Family, owner of the Houston Rockets, Ocean Ridge, 2012

Dr. Zack, psychology, Miami Beach, 2011

Pippen Family, retired professional basketball player, 2001

Dr. Anidjar, radiologist, Hollywood, 2006

Zankle Family, owner of Excell Auto Group, Delray Beach, 2006

Dr. Werthelmer, OBGYN, Miami Beach, 2010

Dr. Seckler, pediatrician, Boca Raton, 2004

Cohen Family, attorney, Hollywood, 2004

Beiber Family of Weston, attorney, 2003

Goldstein Family, attorney, President of the Broward Fl Bar, 2010

Dr. Agrawal, Boca Raton, professor at U of M, 1999

Carlos Dansby, professional football player, 20012

Suzanne Boyd, newscaster, Palm Beach County, 2007

Franks Family of WPB, attorney, 2009

Dr. Feather, pediatricain, Wellington, 2006

Steinger Family, attorney, PBG's, 2004

Schneider Family, retired attorney, Miami Beach, 2005

Lennox Family, Physicians Assistant, Boca Raton, 2008

Yaffa Family, attorney, Delray Beach, 2008

Robert Mintz, business man, Boca Raton, 2003

Dr. Lisa Siegal, psychology, Boca Raton, 20012

Dr. Lusbig, dermotology, Pembroke Pines, 2012

Greenstein Family, attorney, Wellington, 1999

Mizrachi Family, professional poker player, Aventura, 2009

Dr. Graberdo, OBGYN, Boynton Beach, 2007

Dr. Rick Oklin, Weston, 2009

Dr. Vieria, Miami Beach, 2007

Skylar Family, physician, Davie, 2006

Cohen Family, professional tennis player, Boca Raton, 2003

Bartone Family, race car driver, Delray Beach, 2009

Dr.Richardson, U of M, Key Biscayne, 2003

McMillan Family, accountant, Boynton Beach, 2006

Coach McMillin, Lynn University, Boynton Beach, 2012

Zucker Family, Zucker Public Relations, Delray Beach, 2008

Lacompte Family, attorney, Aventura, 2010

Greene Family, hotelier, Omphoy Hotel, 2013

Grau Family, CPA firm, Boca Raton, 2010

Marcy Faith, stock broker, Delray Beach, 2002

Watson Family, IBM Heir, 2004

Coach Pat Riley, Miami Heat coach, 2003

Lucy Morillo, attorney, Director of Fund Raising for Miami Childrens Hospital, 2001

Robert Bailey, retired professional football player, 2008

Dr. Rachel Mason, veterinarian, Pembroke Pines, 2011

Dr. Mason, ER doctor, 2013

Mazer Family, Boca Raton, 2000

Dr. Beth Freedman, OBGYN, Coral Springs, 2004

Dr. Patricia Wade, pulminologist, 2008

Bruder Family, fire fighters, 2003

Dr. Dari Shapiro, 2009

Dr. Servoss, Boca Raton, 2011

Dr. Mayugba, Boca Raton, 2007

Zambiya Family, Delary Beach, documentary film producer, 1999

Dr. Pamela Knottingham, 2003

Marianne Tamposi, owner of Prodigy Models, 2008

Sheptak Family of PBG's, attorney, 2009

Dr. Weissman, practices in Boston, MA, 2012

Williams - Slutsker Family, attorneys in Hollywood, 2011

Saudia Simmons, attorney, Homestead, 2013

Ronit Lubowicz, owner of My Little Gym, 2009

Dr. Maryanne Chrisant, pediatric cardiology, Hollywood, Joe Dimaggio's Childrens Hospital, 2012

Dr. Alana Horowitz, pediatrician, Pembroke Pines, 2007

Dr. Richard Kitt, dentist, Delray Beach, 2003

Dr. Stella Cabiasis, pediatric dermotology, Boca Raton, 2002

Shawn Family, attorney, NY and Boynton Beach, 2008

Mukamal Family, international business, 2010

Dr. Burton, OBGYN, Boynton Beach, 2009

Dr. Karmen, OBGYN, Boca Raton, 2006

Dr. Leiberfarb, pediatrician, Boca Raton, 2001

Dr. Amro, orthopedic surgeon, Wellington, 2005

Dr. Andrew, Coral Gables, professor U of M, 2003

Dr. Ackerman, Delary Beach, 2006

Dr. Albinder, Boca Raton, 2006

Dr. War War, U of Miami professor, 2004

Officer Barnet, Miami Dade, 2004

Dr. Coke, Boca Raton, 2005

Dr. Baylis, orthopedic, Ft. Lauderdale, 2009

Colson Family, attorney, Lighthouse Point, 1999

Dr. Bohrer, Plantation, 2004

Dr. Bortnick, practices in Philadelphia, PA, 2012

Katia Bates, owner of Innovative Interiors of South Florida, winner of TLC's, Four Houses in August of 2012, featured in Better Homes and Garden Magazine, 2003

Brennan Family, attorney, Boca Raton, 2008

Dr. Ohayon, Plantation, general medicine, 2002

Brodsky Family, owner of House of Floors, Boca Raton, 2001

Burkhalter Family, attorney, Miami Shores, 2005

Dr. Burkowsky, Ft. Lauderdale, Joe Dimaggio's Childrens Hospital, 2008

Bunetta Family, hypnotist, Coral Springs, 2008

Officer Cagno, Palm Beach County Sheriff Officer, 2010

Padrone Family, Delray Beach, Padrone Flooring, 2010

Mellon Family, Delray Beach, International Banking, 2003

Dr. Lanalee, OBGYN, Ft. Lauderdale, President of AACOG at American Association of Concierge Obstetrics & Gynecology, 2009

Dr. Chen, opthomology, Coral Springs, 2010

Radabaugh Family, Delray Beach, Chef & former owner of Dakota 624, 2002

Dr. Hargreaves, Coral Springs, 2008

Renee Christianson, Delray Beach, owner of Paragon Events, 2002

Doner Family, PBG's, attorney, 2006

Dr. Chung, pediatrician, Boca Raton, 2005

Le Compte Family, attorney, Aventura, 2008

Vivian Demille, attorney, Delray Beach, 2002

Dr. Diamond, retired, Delray Beach, 2006

Dr. Dudak, Boca Raton, 2007

Enloe Family, nuclear chemist, Miramar

Smiley Family, Boca Raton, physicians assistant, 2011 

Hosein Family, attorney, Parkland, 2007

Sakolsky Family, Lake Worth, horse training and instructor, 2010

Hernandez-Valois Family, husband and wife attorneys, 2011

Pilot Vassilatos, Jet Blue, Hollywood, 2009

Lanell Fagan, PBG's, Lady Lanell Crystal Couture, 2002


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