About Us

Hi, Heidi here!!!

After launching Heidi’s Helpers from my kitchen in Boca Raton, exactly 25 years later to the month,

We are going Nationwide!!!


I am mother of four!!! I started my business April of 1998 after my third child was born, I was stressed and needed help. All of the elements I have formulated to help you, were created over the years of trial and error. I have helpful interview questions, weekly housekeeping schedules, daily diaries for working mom’s and much more information to steer you through the hiring process.

At the time, my then 11-year-old daughter emailed me a card she had created and it stirred my soul and I will share with you a part of it.

  “When I was a child, there was so much I didn’t understand, like how hard you worked and how much you sacrificed for our family. There were dreams you put on hold and dreams that never came true. You must have felt frustrated sometimes, no doubt, and at times even full of despair. Yet you never gave less than your best to us. Every day you looked after us, worried about us, fed us and loved us, without expecting anything in return. You see Mom, I know now and understand that you actually gave me two lives, my own … and yours.”

My children were 20, 13, 8 and 3 and without an organized, clean, smooth-running household, I wouldn’t even have the time to have read that touching note Jackie sent me.



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